Composite White Fillings

Composite white fillings are mercury free, and bond to your tooth very effectively.  Invariably a tooth which has had a white filling will be stronger than it was previously!  We will also colour match the composite to the shade of your own teeth, so no one will notice that you even have a filling.

We only remove a small amount of your healthy tooth before a composite filling is applied.  This means there is less chance of any fracturing, or chipping, and ensures that the structure of the tooth is stronger naturally.
You can eat and drink immediately after having white filling as composite fillings are light cured, which hardens the filling instantaneously.

[Should I change my old silver metal filling to white fillings?  For patients who have legacy metal fillings we are happy to change them over to white fillings.] Changing from silver to white fillings is a simple way of improving your smile. We take great care to colour-match the filling material to the tooth, so no one will notice – except, of course, that they are no longer silver!

composite white fillings

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