If you have a missing tooth you are placing greater strain on the teeth either side of the gap. Having a gap will also affect the way your teeth bite together, eventually causing teeth either side of the gap to drift, or lean into the space.  This in turn may lead to food traps where tooth decay bacteria breeds.  It is therefore really important not to have any gaps between your teeth.  In addition, not having a gap between your teeth, which is visible when you smile will enhance your appearance, and increase your confidence.

There are several ways we can help with replacing missing teeth and these are:


  • A Partial Denture is a dental plate with a number of false teeth attached to it.  It can be made of a plastic material or you can choose a plate made of metal and plastic.
  • Plastic Partial Dentures are less expensive to make than metal partial dentures. The disadvantage of these dentures are that they can damage your gums and the teeth they fit against.
  • Metal Partial Dentures are made from an alloy of chromium and cobalt. They are stronger and lighter to wear. Clasps can help keep the plate secure and in place and can also be made to be supported by the remaining teeth. Gum-coloured plastic and natural looking teeth are fitted onto a metal framed base.  In most cases a metal-based partial denture gives the best results.

Always clean your dentures after each meal to remove any food debris. Use an effervescent denture cleaner to help you clean off stubborn stains, and make the denture feel fresher by soaking.  After soaking the denture, brush it again, making sure you thoroughly clean all the surfaces of the denture, paying special attention to the surface that comes into contact with your gums.
We may recommend removing your denture while you sleep at night, to give your mouth a rest. It is important to leave your dentures in water to prevent them from cracking and warping.
Missing teeth can also be replaced with fixed solutions such as Bridges, Implants, and Crowns.  Read more information on these solutions:

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